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Graphic design, scanning services, animated or still images
Custom banners, buttons, navigation icons, logos
Custom HTML coding and typesetting of text
Internal and external hotlinks
Basic and custom backgrounds, bars, and bullets
Frames formats, JavaScripts
Web Site Launch and Maintenance
Website Hosting Arrangements
Domain Name Registration
Uploading your website to your service provider
Search Engine registration of your site
Ongoing updating and modification of existing pages
Telephone or E-mail support for your website needs

A Marquee is a horizontally scrolling text message. It really gets your message across!

Navigation Page:
A Navigation Page is a "Hyperlink" (text) used to link to pages within your site or other web sites or information on the Internet.

Site/Image Map:
Site/Image Maps are a nice way to provide graphical navigation around your site. They can be made from photographs, graphics or animation. Site Maps can be used to link to pages within your site or anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Product Catalog:
A Product Catalog will complete the transition of expanding your small business to the Internet! Display all of your products or only a select few. This option includes 1 free update!

Information Form:
An Information form offers an easy way for anybody visiting your site to make suggestions, take surveys or request information about your company's services, capablilities, or items they sell/distribute.

Online Order Form:
Online Order Forms allow visitors to place an order by filling out a form directly through the browser and submitting it to your company via e-mail.

Background Music:
Some folks love hearing a little music while they are surfing the web. You can add some spice to your site as well as say something about yourself by adding a midi file that will play the song of your choice for anyone who has speakers on their system! It must be said though, that this can annoy the heck out of a lot of people.

Update Package:
This package is available whether or not we create a site for you or your business. The updates occur as scheduled by you. While this generally does not mean changing your entire site, we are pretty flexible, give us a call. Please see at the bottom of this page further information on this subject.

Banner Ads:
A Banner Ad is an image including graphics and text displayed at the top of each page on your site. A great way to promote your company, advertise sales, special deals. The possibilities are endless!

Custom Graphics Design:
Let Barolin Web Design© create the perfect graphic for your site! We have some of the best graphics programs available and we know how to use them.

Graphics Editing:
If you already have some graphics that "need some work" or you just want to change size, colors, sharpen the image, or reduce the file size (reducing file size can allow your graphics to load faster when the page is displayed) contact us we will see what we can do for you.

Scanning Service:
We will scan almost any image or document you have for use on your web site, or whatever else you may need a digital copy for. After scanning, we can e-mail you the image/document or send it to you on 3.5 floppy disk.

Domain Name Registration:
We will arrange to see if the Domain Name you want is available. Then we will fill in and submit the form to InterWorX or any other you nominate. The bill for this service will be handled between yourself and InterWorX. Any work we do in this regard is free of charge.

Hosting Services:
We will upload to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) , all who have available space for your Site. You may have to pay a small consideration if you are a business but it's usually free if you are not. If you do not have an ISP we can arrange for InterWorX to host your Website from $11.00 per month. Any work we do in this regard is free of charge.

I would like to say a few (?) words about updating your site: Web site management and update are topics that need to be carefully addressed for the enjoyment of ongoing success in a business venture on the Internet. Too many people make the mistake of having a Web site designed, submitted to search engines, but then left for months or even years without meticulous care!
In the business sense, your Web site is an alive, ever-growing advertisement and promotional tool. As with any other form of publicity a Web site needs management and updating.
You may have noticed how a successful corporation keeps its media advertising campaigns changing at all times; let it be on fliers, newspapers, magazines, bill boards, cinemas, radio or television.
Your Web site needs to be appealing to customers and prospects alike, so give a 'face lift' to your Web site from time to time and keep your audience interested and curious. Let them discover your new offers, new products and new services while adding new and interesting links that will also greatly help the overall ranking of your web site.
Having said this, here at Barolin Web design© we can create the necessary changes on your web site or web page to fulfill all the above mentioned criteria.
Let us know what type of image you want to create for your business and we'll make it a reality. Updates are inexpensive compared to conventional Web pages or site designing. A few hours every month are sufficient for most Web sites. Our rates depend on the size of your web site, prices start from as low as $20 per month.

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