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Barolin Web Design© are dedicated to creating professional yet affordable websites.
Each site is as individual as the product, service or person being represented. So, we do not have any preset "packages".
We offer fair, reasonable prices, and only charge for what you require or desire for your site. Therefore, the cost of each site is built according to your individual needs.
The options available to you are absolutely infinite. You can have whatever Colours, Designs, Images, and Content that you can think of.
The rules that some providers demand would have to be taken into account by you of course. Some are inclined to get a bit upset with pornography or anything racial, abusive or illegal, others don't seem to care what you put on.
I can design pages for ANY person, business, organisation, club, group...... you name it, I can surely dream up something to suit you.

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Why Have A Web Page?

There are basically two types of web site, Personal and Business.
I'll deal with the Personal Site first.

Businesses aren't the only ones publishing on the Web, although sometimes you could be excused for thinking that! Having one's own Web pages serves at least two purposes. First, it provides an identity in the Cyberspace world. That may be vanity, but it is harmless, perhaps even beneficial vanity.
There are as many different types of personal web pages as there are different types of people on the Internet. Here are just a few examples.

A Newsletter -- Many people create a monthly newsletter to keep their friends and family informed of the happenings of their life. Sometimes it's in an effort to keep distant family in contact with the events of their life (or in their grandchildren's lives). Sometimes it's an effort to break the "Christmas Letter" into more manageable pieces (or just to save on stamps). It also saves huge expense on all those duplicate photos, postage etc., when a special event comes around. Whoever is looking at the photos can either do just that, or, download them, or download them onto a floppy disk, take them to a processing centre and they will reproduce them into hard copies, (on paper).

A Portfolio/CV -- Have you ever finished an interview and wished that you could leave more information so the interviewer could get a better idea of who you are? Well, you can give them the address of your on-line portfolio. It can remind them of positive points that came up during the interview or even give them more information than you had time to share. How about trying to get your résumé to as many people as possible in a short time. You can easily transfer your résumé to the web and have some Internet résumé services include a link to your page.

General Information -- In the high tech world in which we live, people talk to others on the phone or over the computer whom they have never met. In an effort to be more personable, many people have created Web Pages with some pictures and general information about themselves. Through Organisations and Individuals of every conceivable type and walks of life putting their information on the Net, you can just about find out anything about everything.

Many individuals are learning the benefits and satisfaction of Internet publishing.
So, to recap:
Many people use the Web to swap and share family recipes.
Personal knowledge in various areas of expertise are shared.
Job seeking individuals can publish their resumes to a global audience.
Families searching to build their family trees or find long-lost friends and relatives make up a large portion of personal pages.
People love to share tidbits of information, jokes, cool websites and a variety of miscellaneous "gems" of knowledge.
Announce a new birth, engagement or promotion!

With the interactivity of the Internet, individuals and businesses alike can share ideas, information, products and services across the world.
Speaking of Business:
This year (2001), it is estimated that over 250 Million people worldwide will be on the Internet.
In addition, everyday, more people look to the internet to find and purchase local goods and services in their own home town!
Thousands and thousands of businesses have already realized the potential of having a web presence. They are enjoying the benefits because of the advantage they have over their rivals.

Is it worth spending the money on a web page?
Absolutely. Having your site exposed to over 100 million people worldwide, including customers in your local area, when compared to other advertising options, the Internet is obviously the smartest choice. The price and exposure volume compared to other options is amazing...
Even if you bring in only a few customers, it's likely that this investment could pay for itself. Depending on the average amount spent by each customer, the web page will likely pay for itself with just one extra customer per month! It is also likely that that one extra customer could pay for an entire year's worth of web site advertising! A business of any size can benefit from having a web page. It is a great place to advertise your product or services. And because the Web is visual, the customer can see your actual product or your service comparisons right on-line.

For just a few dollars a month, you can place a pamphlet of your information on the Internet that can be viewed by thousands at no extra charge to you. Also, the people that find your Web Page are usually looking for a product or service just like the one you offer. Unlike "cold calls" and mass mailings, the customers come looking for you!

Having a Web Page increases your visibility. With Internet activity growing at such an incredible rate, people are much more likely to find your product on the Internet than they are to find your product in your store or even in your local phone book or newspaper.
Because the customer can make a purchase from the convenience of the office or home, in an informative and entertaining way, Internet sales activity is only going to increase in popularity and importance.
If you're wondering if your competition is already on the Internet, just try doing a few key word searches at some of the popular search engines, like Yahoo! or Alta Vista. We think you will be amazed at the number of your competitors that already have a web presence. Don't let them get the edge on you!
Providing information to prospective and existing customers can be time-consuming and costly when performed by conventional marketing methods. With an Internet web site, however, keeping your customers informed can be quick, easy, and cost effective, not to mention interactive. Your customer will be able to access your site, 24 hours per day, and easily obtain the information they need. Additional pages of information can be incorporated into your site at any time.
Having an Internet web site not only provides information to your customers, it lets them know that you are keeping current with today's technology and business trends. It also means, you are taking measures to service your customers as best you can . Putting your new Internet web site address on business cards, letterhead, signs, announcements, advertisements, etc., will communicate to the world that you are progressive and service-minded. It can only serve to enhance your business image.
The Internet never closes. People are using the Internet at all times of the day to look up information, rates, direction, products and services, and everything else imaginable. If you have customers in other parts of the country or the world, or just down the street, having your own Internet web site can provide an easy and hassle free way of staying in touch. Consider also, when you're busy, or out of the office or on holiday, or even sleeping, the 'OPEN' sign can still be in the 'window".
Compared to other media, an Internet web site is relatively inexpensive to set up and maintain. Changes and additions are easily made. Think of what it would cost to run a full page, full color ad in the local print media for 365 days a year. On the internet your "ad" can be multiple pages full of sound, images and color and it's there around the clock.
Once a visitor is on your site, you have their exclusive attention. You do not have to share your space with anyone else such as you do with newspapers, magazines, or television and radio ads.
The Internet is here to stay and the smart consumer is going online as they determine who to do business with.

Pheeww! That was pretty long-winded but I hope you can see what I was trying to communicate, that it is good value to have a presence on the Net.!

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